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SLED CATCH (Citizens Access to Criminal Histories)

CATCH is optimized for use with Chrome and Internet Explorer (10 and up). Firefox and Safari users may experience unpredictable results. *** PLEASE DO NOT USE YOUR PHONE FOR CATCH ***
Terms and Conditions
  A non-refundable fee of $25.00 will be charged for a South Carolina criminal records check. Most major credit/debit cards are accepted. An additional $1.00 convenience fee is required for online background searches. The convenience fee does not apply to mail-in requests. SLED does not retain any portion of the convenience fee.

  SLED CATCH allows you to view and print criminal records information from South Carolina ONLY.  National criminal records checks are allowed only where specifically authorized by law. Information on Wanted Persons is not included in a SLED CATCH report. Results of a SLED CATCH arrest report is supported by submissions of fingerprints taken by a law enforcement agency or detention facility pursuant to Section 23-3-120.

  SLED CATCH requires an exact match on subject's last name, first initial, and date of birth to retrieve a result. Social Security Number will be searched, if provided. If the name and date of birth on the subject's criminal record differ from the one provided in the search criteria, such as in the use of aliases, it may result in a false negative or false positive result. Fingerprints may be the only way to identify a record subject in this case. The results of a SLED CATCH can differ from those of a fingerprint-based search for this reason. SLED only conducts fingerprint based background checks when required by statute.

  Charitable organizations that meet requirements set forth by state statute are eligible for a reduced fee of $8.00. Also pursuant to statute, criminal records checks for prospective teachers and substitute teachers are provided to local school districts without charge.

  SLED also accepts requests for criminal records checks by mail. There is no convenience fee for mail-in requests. Accepted payment methods are: business check, certified check, cashier's check, or money order. Personal checks and cash will NOT be accepted. The Criminal Records Check Form, proper payment, and a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) may be mailed to SLED Records Department, PO Box 21398 Columbia SC 29221-1398. If the criminal records check is required to be notarized or certified, you must specifically state that the results must be notarized and/or certified.

  For all South Carolina State Agencies, please see this memo: IDT Memo to State Agencies.  This memorandum is to satisfy the mandate from the S. C. State Treasurer’s Office regarding the discontinued issuance of paper checks by a state agency.

  SLED CATCH is a name-based search only. Fingerprint-based searches are the most reliable method and the least likely to result in a false positive or false negative result.

  S.C. criminal records information should be handled carefully and used only for appropriate purposes. Subjects have a right to correct erroneous criminal records information pertaining to them.

  SLED CATCH does not check for persons registered as sex offenders.  Information on persons residing or working in S.C. who have been convicted of sex offenses (in any state) may be accessed free of charge through the S.C. Sex Offender Registry Click here to search the SC Sex Offender Registry.

  Anytime a search result returns multiple subjects, a Special Processing Required message will be returned.

If you have questions concerning the results of your inquiry, please call the SLED Public Dissemination Unit at 803.896.1443. If you are having technical problems, please call our Help Desk at 803.896.8588 or email to

CATCH is optimized for use with Chrome and IE (10 and up). Firefox and Safari users may experience unpredictable results. *** PLEASE DO NOT USE YOUR PHONE FOR CATCH ***

Warning: A non-refundable fee to obtain a Criminal Records Check will be charged to your credit card. If you do not wish to continue, click "I do NOT accept".

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