SLED CATCH (Citizens Access to Criminal Histories) Back
User ID and Password Security Policy
The purpose of this policy is to provide written instructions to establish access for approved Charitable Organizations and local school districts using the SLED Citizens Access to Criminal History (CATCH) website. All approved Charitable Organizations who have access access are required to be assigned a User ID and Password.
  Each User using the SLED CATCH Charitable Account must have a unique User ID.

  Each User's User ID shall have an associated password.

  Each User will be required to create a new password every 90 days.

  Password must be 8 characters minimum and must be a combination of Upper and Lower case Alpha, Numeric, and Special Characters

  Password may NOT be the same as the previous 10 passwords and may NOT be the same as the user-id and must be locked after 3 unsuccessful logon attempts

  The user name and password must be kept secure and may not be provided or made known to any person who is not an authorized employee of the charitable organization as defined in SECTION 33-56-170, or local school district employee. All user IDs and passwords are to be treated as sensitive, confidential information.

  In the event of the termination/separation of an employee with access to the password assigned to the agency, the password will be changed as quickly as possible.

  Do not allow anyone outside your agency to use the assigned user ID and password. You are responsible for all activities and charges incurred using your user ID and password.

  Any charitable organization found to have violated this policy may have their access privileges temporarily or permanently revoked and subject to applicable criminial/civil penalties.
The unauthorized use of a user name and password of a charitable organization or a local school district is strictly prohibited and could constitute the crime of obtaining signature or property by false pretenses. South Carolina Code Ann. § 16-30-240 states, "A person who by false pretense or representation obtains the signature of a person to a written instrument or obtains from another person any chattel, money, valuable security, or other property, real or personal, with intent to cheat and defraud a person of that property," is guilty of obtaining signature or property by false pretenses.